slControl - the intelligent Street Lighting

The future in LED street lighting

Street lights can be dimmed automatically through esave slControl, as long as no or just a little light is needed. If the sensors detect pedestrians, cyclist or cars the intensity of the lighting is raised and adapted for a specific street section. In addition to the standard built-in wireless communication, various sensors can be connected as required.

Overview of street lighting control

  • Information about lamp status for proactive maintenance and early detection of failurs
  • Individual adjustment of the illumination trough smooth dimming
  • Read and set the lamp operating mode
  • Read the power consumption and the operating times
  • No ring connection required, as optionally equipped with dusk sensor
  • Combines the respective advantages of the central and self-sufficient controls
  • Real-time profiles with day-dependent dimming levels
  • Active monitoring of the lamp temperature


Energy efficiency

Compared to normal LED street lighting you increase energy efficiency up to 90% with a intelligent lighting system. This extends the lifetime of the lamp and reduces maintenance costs. 

The system can always be adapted to new conditions, so that a perfect illumination of the road is always guaranteed. Since the illumination of a street section is only increased as required, the light pollution can be considerably reduced.