The esave Street Light Controller (slController) is compact and can be integrated with ease into virtually all LED street lights. It comes as standard with wireless communication, eliminating the time-consuming routing of data cables and thereby saving installation costs. The esave slController can be used with all major electronic control equipment and helps you to reduce energy consumption and keep maintenance costs down to the absolute minimum. In combination with the motion sensor only particular stretches of road being used by people or vehicles will be illuminated.


Through esave slController street lamps can be dimmed automatically, when little or no light is needed. As soon as the sensors detect pedestrians, bikes or cars, the intensity of the illumination will be adjusted for that particular stretch of road.



esave slController features

  • Dim by timer, light levels, site-mode or automatic-mode   
  • Power save mode with night dimming functionality
  • Automatic regulation of daylight and standard saving time
  • Ability to ascertain energy consumption and energy costs
  • Optional extensions such as motion sensors, radar, brightness sensors, LED temperature sensors and other options are available
  • Individual adjustment of the illumination through continuous dimming
  • Real-time profiles with time and weekday dependent dim levels
  • Ring control is no longer required, due to the optional twilight sensor
  • Combines the benefits of both the central and independent controlled lights
  • 2.4GHz radio network with self organised meshing
  • 0-10V, PWM- and DALI-output interface combined in one controller
  • Can be operated by either 100 - 240V AC or 12 - 60V DC
  • Low power consumption in operation (0.2 - 0.6W)
  • Information about the iluminaire status for proactive maintenance and early failure detection
  • Active monitoring of the light source (LED) temperature
  • The optional luminous flux compensation (LFC) ensures a constant light output over the whole lifetime of the LED light source
  • The global light switch functionality enables a manual, quick and profile independent illumination for special events or emergency situations
  • GPS-Option, to synchronize the time and automatically determine the light position