Street lights which are equipped with eSave slControl automatically connect via a wireless network. By a Laptop or Tablet and the esave slControl USB-Dongle you can accessed on the network to configure, control or monitor the esave slControl lights.


To keep the overview, the user is supported by the user-friendly Windows software. This makes complicated configurations easy and intuitive.


To protect the system from unauthorized access, all transmitted data is encrypted. In addition, the esave slControl network can be protected with a pin code. 


Software functions

  • Read the current light condition
  • Reading and setting the luminaire operating mode including graphical dimming stages
  • Free groups of Street Lights 
  • Show and position the Street Lights on a map
  • Read, set oder save configuration of one Street Light or a whole group 
  • Read the energy needs alternatively of a Street Light or a whole group
  • and much more 


You can download the latest version here.

or for Russia: here

or for Middle East, Africa und Asia:  here