The esave slControl Gateway (slGateway) extends the existing esave slControl product family and brings your luminaires into the cloud.


New and existing esave slControl systems can be expanded with gateway modules.


The gateway module is a small device, which is attached near the systems and connects to the esave slControl mobile radio network. In addition, the module connects to the esave slControl server through mobile radio or Ethernet. To protect the data against unauthorized access, all transmission paths are encrypted and secured.


The esave slControl server collects the data of all connected gateway modules and makes them available in a user-friendly web application. The connected systems can thus be easily monitored, controlled and manage by any computer with an Internet access.


slControl Web-Platform

With the esave slControl Web-Platform, you can access your luminaires at any time and control them from anywhere in the world.


If you already have a login, you can log in at the following link: