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Intelligent light arrives in "Most India" and surroundings

What has been the state of the art in other regions of Switzerland and abroad for years now is also used in Thurgau and the surrounding area.

Light: as much as necessary -  then if necessary - where necessary

Safety is paramount

To ensure that the city of Brugg will no longer have to switch off the lights between one and five o'clock, it is based on esave ag's intelligent system. Intelligent control of road lighting increases the passenger's sense of safety and reduces light pollution.

©Effingermedien of Lorenz Caroli

Intelligent lighting: It will be light on the street only if necessary

Brugg is also relying on intelligent road lighting. Near the public swimming pool, the public lighting switches on as soon as pedestrians, cyclists or drivers approach. That is safe and energy-saving at the same time, one is convinced with the energy supplier IBB.

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Event 1'000 Lights - 06.09.2017

After our first event in Chur was a great success, we are planning another event at the Stadt Casino Frauenfeld on 6 September 2017. This should take place in the same style as the first. Luminaire manufacturers, like the last event, will present their products with esave components. New speakers will share your experience with intelligent lighting fixtures.

Innovation Award 2017

At this year's delegation meeting of the Bündner Gewerbeverband, it was officially announced. The innovation prize winner 2017 is our CEO Rico Kramer.

Bündner Gewerbeverband

On the road: Light as much as necessary!

Modern road lighting is saying good bye to a technology that illuminates the night. Mr. and Mrs. Schweizer sleep mostly from 10pm and then it isn't useful to illuminate entire villages and cities. Because only energy is wasted, bad sleep is provoked and the starry sky covered with artificial light. 

ET - Elektrotechnik

1'000 Lights - esave Event

On January 25, 2017 we organized an event to which we invited customers and lighting manufactures. We had speakers from operators of larger plant of intelligent street lights. The Radio / Television RTR has accompanied us to this event. City will more and more change to intelligent Street Lights. This event very interested in the experience exchange between the speakers, lighting manufactures and the customers. The latest state of development and the various products should be in the center. We also promoted the exchange of opinions between the individual representatives and your customers. 

Comfortable new lighting in test operation

With the new Technology, 10 street lights permanently illuminate at night with a reduced light intensity. The power of the Street Lights automatically increased by 70% by a movement sensor. After one Minuted, the Light slowed down to a minimum of 5% of the capacity.

Chur probably has the most intelligent street lighting

Approximately 1000 mercury vapor lamps were replaced by LED luminaires. esave AG is responsible for the intelligent controllers of the street lighting. The first experiences exceed even the high expectations. The projected savings of CHF 210'000 per year were allowed to be exceeded.

Intelligent Street Lights shows the way and saves energy

As a pilot project for "intelligent" LED street lighting serves the forest road Pfaffenholz at the cantonal hospital in Frauenfeld. An intelligent Street lighting minimizes the light intensity to a minimum. As soon as a pedestrian, bicycle or car driver approaches, the light automatically raised and lights up the road perfectly. 



Save 3-times in road lighting

Almost no day goes by without reading about the energy transition or the energy strategy of the canton or federal government. The main Question are Feasibility or the Order of costs. The canton of Bern will show, how innovative solutions can achieve the goals of the energy strategy. 

Light as required - Save 3 times in road lighting

ProKilowatt Workshop 29.03.2016 Street lighting

In the federal Office for Energy, the workshop ProKilowatt on the renewal of street lighting was held on March 29, 2016. Project promoters were able to share their experiences and results. Interested Person were given the opportunity to get first hand information. Video recordings, slides and the meeting program are available here. 

Slides: ProKilowatt-Workshop Street Lighting

Würenlos continues to rely on intelligent lighting

For two years, the commune Würenlos has been testing the intelligent Street Lights in the district Huebacher. The experiences are very positiv that the municipal council now had another road converted.In the future, he wants to focus on intelligent Lights. This will save money and nerves. 



Intelligent lighting concept with the latest LED technology

The whole street lighting of the city Chur is being upgraded by IBC to an intelligent LED System. The use for the project the latest LED technology.  IBC's project is based on the latest LED technology, which isn't only more efficient but also more powerful than that of the conventional metal vapor lamps. 



Customized controlled LED

Energy efficiency, low light pollution and safety: keywords that fall in relation to public lighting often. The future of street lighting is the LED lighting technology. With the system eSave slControl can be there street lights dim automatically and individually, as long as little or no light is needed.

Infrastruktur- und Tunnelbau, Ausgabe Nr. 4/2015

LED conversion: Success can be planned

There are different ways to adapt an existing public lighting to the state of the art. In Pfyn there is a lighting, as it is to be found in many other places.The entire public lighting is switched to LED technology. The voters have clearly said "yes" to this project.

ET Elektrotechnik, Ausgabe 12/13

Intelligent lighting shows the cycle path

The Rhiienergie places great emphasis on the solution that the new lighting will be sustainable and environmentally friendly. When a cyclist approaches a luminaire, the luminaire receives the cyclist. The frist Street Light which receives the cyclist, send the information to the following Street Lights. 



The cone of Light accompanies

A Cycle path in Wülfingen serves as a test track for Winterthur's first intelligent LED street lighting. This can be remote controlled via the iPad. This saves electricity and reduces light pollution. After 11 o'clock the light intensity is reduced to 70%, and between 1 and 5 o'clock even to 10%.

bicycle path new illuminated

For years, energy efficiency in public lighting is an issue for the energy supplier Rhiienergie. The innovative solution was developed in cooperation with the company esave AG. The special feature is that the lights only give light when light is required.

Active energy saving

Würenlos would like to actively contribute to energy saving and reduction of light pollution. This is as far as possible without compromising their comfort and safety loss. Afterwards the technical companies Würenlos discovered esave AG in Chur.




An idea from civil protection

During the civil protection Rico Kramer went to Hanno Baumgartner with a street light and asked if he can dimm something like that. At first, Hanno waved his hand but took the street light back home. Shortly afterwards he presents his astonishing colleague a controller which street lights can dim. 

90% energy saving with intelligent street lights

The first thought was to produce an "intelligent street lamp" not for ecological reasons. The trigger was rather a too bright street lamp which prepared to Rico Kramer 2 years sleepless nights. So he decided to develop an intelligent street light.

Artificial intelligence

Rico Kramer and Hanno Baumgartner show what makes their system unique. With the control, LED street lights can be automatically dimmed, as long as no or little light is needed. Heat detectors detect pedestrians or cars, the intensity of the lighting is adapted specifically for a specific street section.