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The lights have turned „green“ for a new generation of street lighting, which is energy-efficient and can be used with pioneering and innovation intelligence.


esave ag, which has its head office in Switzerland, is bringing this intelligence to your street lights with its esave slControl product family, offering your customers the added value of intelligent street lighting.

slControl offers an intelligent street lightning solution. Energy consumption and therefore ongoing operating costs can be significantly reduced, without compromising comfort and security, by the targeted dimming of LED lights. In addition to reduced energy consumption, dimming also extends the service life of your lights and makes a valuable contribution to reducing light pollution.



Smart Suisse 2019

Volume controlled Light or Light on demand

New in the slConfigurator you can't set only light on demand also volume controlled light. Light based on the traffic. With the help of sensors, a traffic count can be carried out and then the lighting can be adjusted within minutes of the traffic situation, so that always the necessary light can be guaranteed.

Light as needed

esave Product based on Zhaga Interface

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